Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Sweet Summertime. | Moncton Portrait Photographer

Flip flop tan lines, strawberries, fresh garden veggies, bbq's, baseball, pool time. So far, summer has been pretty darn close to being perfect.

Being busy, is both a curse and a blessing! Let me explain, I feel a bit like a kid on summer vacation. You see, during the summer, I'm fortunate enough to take the summer off from my regular job. So although I step away from a set daily schedule... I step into the responsibility of setting and sticking to my own schedule. So impromptu trips to the camp, beach and pool are awesome, however, I often have to make up for my time off with late nights, or by sitting inside on a day I'd rather be anywhere else! But it's a hard ship that I'll live with! In fact I look forward to it!
I want to thank all my clients for their support this summer, for booking me to capture you, your horse, your friends, your family.
Earlier today I was looking at my calendar for the next few months. It's filling up... Fast! If you are looking to book any shoots this fall, please do so soon. My dates are filling up fast, August is super busy, September weekends are booked, I am still flexible for shoots during the week, and October is almost equally as busy... so please, if booking a shoot has crossed your mind. Please don't hesitate any longer!!

But enough of that... back to the pictures!
I blogged briefly about this set of pictures a while ago when I talked about my new studio. This was an engagement session turned into family adventure when I insisted on playing with the dandelions!

How magical are families and dandelion fluff?

Once again, thanks for looking!

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