Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hawt! | Moncton Equine Photographer

Maybe it is the heat, maybe I've spent too much time in the heat and the pool, maybe too much time editing... whatever the cause, I hit a wall, an editing wall. Thursday, I couldn't resize or crop an image, let alone make it pretty, staring at a picture in photoshop, not knowing what to do, is never good. So, I did other things, watched webinars, updated my portfolio on my website (long over due). Friday was better, and I was getting an order ready to pretty up from the Reining Show, and was really paying attention to the slide series that I had captured of one of my clients during one of her amazing runs over that weekend. I had shot it from the center of the arena, bleacher side, (which I love, as the lighting allows the focus to concentrate on the horse/rider, not the buildings, people, etc that are outside.) I thought it would be cool to have grabbed it with slow motion video, but I had something almost as good... burst mode on my 5dMarkII
My creativity came back to me last night it hit me... and here's what I did.

It's actually HUGE, and I can't wait for the poster to arrive!!
Now, back to the regularly scheduled program of hot summer days, pools, friends, family, cameras and photoshop.

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