Sunday, July 25, 2010

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Quite a spot we have here. My backyard offers interesting things that you would think you'd have to go to the deep woods to see. The Orchard, or my studio as I call it, is home to many animals, pheasants (to my sister and her gardens' dismay) and deer are among the most frequent visitors.
At this time of year Momma is traveling with her babies. It's fun to see her slink through the tall grass, on her way to the corn pile that my neighbors leave for them, and she leaves the kids in the safety of the orchard. We hadn't seen the family of 3 for a few days and started to worry that something may have happened to them. It's just a fact of life when living on a major road, with train tracks almost in the backyard, that not every set of babies is going to make it year over year.
Happily though this morning in the pouring rain, we saw momma walking through the grass, and the babies playing up in the orchard. It was pouring rain, but warm, so I snuck out with my camera, these visitors in my studio were pretty camera shy, but very curious.

This was before either of them spotted me. They were both very cautious, good training on momas' part!

The little fellow in behind left the worrying part up to his sibling, he continued to eat, while the other stood guard!

Momma wasn't long coming back though, the cautious baby stomped her front foot at me, deer language for, something isn't right here, an alert to the others. The cautious one here is cleaning momma up, she probably had corn remnants on her face... not for long! Momma sees me in this picture, but I was standing very still so she couldn't quite figure out what she was looking at

Babies are hidden behind the tree, she's investigating. Good Momma.

Alright, let's Go!

Then they stopped, they got to a distance where they felt safer and tried to investigate what I was doing, when they stopped running I turned and left. I didn't want to be the thing that pushed them out of the field, I want them to leave on their own watch. By the time I got back into the house and dried off, they were back in the orchard, grazing on the grasses. Until next time...

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