Friday, July 30, 2010

Nominated! | Moncton Equine Photographer

Awhile back, right before Christmas, I posted a contest on my facebook group (which you should join, if you haven't already). I was working on Winter time promotions, and wanted to somehow give back, I wanted to set up a free photo shoot, but wanted to have more thought behind it than the regular, put your name in a hat gig.
So, I asked that people, not ask for themselves, but to nominate someone they felt was deserving, and to explain why they deserved it. I was overwhelmed by the response. It was incredible, the out pouring of emotion and the want to give, it was very touching. It took a while, but, I kept coming back to a letter that a Mom had sent about her daughter.
Today, after the show was over, we "cashed in" the shoot!
Here are just a few previews of Chelsea and Lewis for and from her Mom, Anne.

If you ever wondered if a beautiful photo shoot was possible at the show grounds in Sussex... wonder no more!

of course, beautiful models help!

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