Sunday, October 02, 2011

Unboring my blog.

I sincerely don't realize how much I miss school, until it's time, each year, to go school supply shopping.  I love all the cool & fun things they have for students.  I did all of Bens' back to school shopping at the Superstore this year.  They have a supply line through Joe fresh.  I love that company.  I love their fresh simple design, it's like no nonsense, utilitarian, while being ultra sheik.

So back to school shopping gave me a craving for learning.  I've been looking at different correspondence classes, and looking at tutorials, and courses that might be something that I want to work on.  And, I found it.

From my stats counter, I can tell that my blogs are well read, but, I can't get people to comment, I don't know if I'm boring my audience as a writer, that by the time they've reached the bottom of the post, they are too tired or too uninterested to comment, or what.   The thing is,  I can't get any feedback, even though I've tried to keep it super simple, not requiring signing up to a service or website in order to post.

So, I stumbled upon a course called "The unboring blog camp"  It sets you up to blog, and allows you to preplan your blog for 6 months at a time, while keeping content different and useful and interesting.  It came with a super cute pdf workbook.  I downloaded it to my ipad, and work on it, between editing, and shooting and sleeping.  It's fun, and I am enjoying having homework.

So, here's hoping that the investment was worth it, and that I'll finish my workbook very soon, and blogging will become easier, and more frequent.

Oh, and if you are still reading... please just leave a little not below to let me know you've been here... pretty please! :)


  1. I was here!

  2. I think I need to work on the same thing with my blog!

  3. Hmm...sounds like something I need for my blog! I have the same troubles you do Christine! Hopefully, with the new templates blogger has come up with for our blogs it'll be easier to comment! :0)


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