Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gorgeous Grad | Moncton Portrait Photographer

When I look at the work that my colleagues, and I are doing for the sake of Graduates these days, it makes me wish that I could still be in school, just so I could be a part of one of these super cool grad sessions.  When I was in school, Graduation, meant a cap and gown and walking across the stage, and a cheesy photo, holding a fake diploma, add your biggest farce of a smile you could produce.  

These days, graduation is more like a right of passage, it's an event, from the start to the finish of each year, realizing this, I realized how important it was for these grads to have something that shows who they were, at this time in their lives.  

I signed Jenna up first thing as one of my grad reps, I've known her for a lot of years, and was excited to have her in my Street Team Grad Program.  But, see, I'm used to seeing Jenna at the barn, in her barn clothes or under her hat at the horse shows... although we do have a session planned with her horse, we did these on a beautifully lit September Evening, just before school started!  


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