Saturday, October 29, 2011

Many Miles.

This summer, I've seen a lot of miles.  I've travelled over 10, 000kms.  98% of those miles, were miles travelled to reach my clients.   Mostly, when traveling to a shoot, I'm alone, & without doing the math, I know that 10,000kms equates to a lot of alone time.  

A lot of that time is spent listening to my ipod, and the thousands of songs I have downloaded, but some of that time, it's quiet, and I'm thinking.  Sometimes I'm crying, and sometimes I'm smiling, as I like to say, right out loud.  I'm fortunate, in that, I feel, that every time I turn away and head home after a session, that I'm taking a little bit of those people with me.  

When I said good bye to Keisha and her Mom, at the bend in the road, and headed down a long country road towards home, I was smiling.  Smiling, because, it isn't everyday in our lives that something ends up perfect.  But, from the weather to the location, to the subjects, it was a perfect shoot.  

We did some beautiful shots of Keisha the grad, and then she disappeared in the house and came out with a halter for May.  This halter was purple, and I could tell, that it had probably never been outside, it was shimmering, so clean and fresh.  Keisha said, in that quiet little voice, "you know, I've had this halter for 3 years, just saving it for this day" She humbled me, a lump jumped into my throat, and, with that sweet little gesture, she reminded me to never take this job and not appreciate it.  To never forget or lose sight of it's real purpose. 

And with that, we jumped the fence into the paddock with May, and we had a blast.  
And these are some of the images that made me smile the most.

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  1. Tears run down my cheeks as I read this Christine, very touching. It was a fun day and you certainly had patience with us. Keisha had a great time and May couldn't have been more perfect that day. Keisha was so proud to finally be able to put that halter on her for that long awaited day. Thank you so much for everything, you made our day with the beautiful pictures you took. Thanks again.


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