Thursday, October 20, 2011

Summer Nights.

I'm not usually the type of person to wish time away.  I learned this lesson, as a mother.   At first, you long for days when your child will talk, and walk and then before you know it they are off to school and you are wishing for those years back.  I try to live in each moment as it comes along, even if, at the time, it's unpleasant, I try to work with what I have.

When I think back to this shoot, it had been a perfect day, not too hot, and I had enough time to shoot and still make it home from Fredericton before sunset, when I look at the sun setting now, way before 7, I do kind of wish we could go back in time and enjoy just a few more of those beautifully long days, and take advantage of all that light!

Here is how I found Hanna and Skooter.

Do you find yourself wishing your hours/days/weeks/years away?  What is it you are longing for?   Feel free to share it below in the comments!

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