Thursday, October 06, 2011

Up North.

I thought, as a kid, growing up, that I was pretty well travelled, at least, in my own province.  But, when I started this photography journey, I soon realized, that, really I wasn't.  I remember driving to Sussex, for the first time, on my own, to a horse show.  I had to stop in Petticodiac, to take a break from the Highway.  I got off the highway, on the wrong exit and panicked, thinking that I was lost.  Brilliant. lost, somewhere between Moncton and Sussex, (a 45 minute drive) surely I would be the only person in history to claim that kind of title.

Things Change, As the years have rolled by, I can drive to Sussex almost in my sleep, I drive the 2 hour trip to and from Fredericton, in one day,  at least once a month.  Shooting has broaden my horizon, and opened my eyes to just how beautiful this Province is.  Well, mostly anyway, excluding that boring drive to Fredericton!  I love to drive on the highway through Salisbury, I have nick named it, Big Sky.  When you are driving on the highway, in either direction, you get to a spot where the fields open up, the trees disappear, and the sky is huge.  On beautiful days, it's where I see the fluffiest clouds, and the bluest blue in the skies.

The Northern part of the province is more foreign to me though.  Anywhere past the Miramichi and Chatam, are kind of lost to me, and I need to visit the map, (frequently) to understand where things are.  Thankfully, the gps and my mother accompanied me for the wedding that I shot in Caraquet this summer. It's away, up North, and it's beautiful!

Here are some pictures from the Winters Wedding, Congrats Melanie and Kyle.  Thank you for introducing me to another beautiful spot in this beautiful Province!

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