Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simply Love | Moncton Wedding Photographer

Pam and Jon, Wow.  I don't really know if words are necessary for this blog.

When I met Pam last winter, I knew that, just from her personality, that we'd be creating some incredible pictures... not only because of her natural beauty, but because of her presence.  She is confident, and caring, and beautiful, and allows herself to feel beautiful.  A lot of women, could learn a lot from this gal.  She is a nurse, and as is true, of all other nurses I have known, they have hearts, filled right up with gold.  
I am so fortunate to be their photographer!

We met up a few weeks ago, at my favorite spot in Moncton for pictures, and this, is what I captured.

 I know, gorgeous right, and, the belt, it's epic, she got it from my all time favorite store, Ruche 

Then headed downtown, hitting up the beautiful brick and iron work in Oak Park.  See how adorable, two outfits, this was her, downtown date night outfit!  Love!


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