Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wanna go Seeum? | Moncton Photographer

 I've been meaning to blog, I've been trying to blog, but the summer, has been a blur of activity.  From shooting, editing and emailing to beach runs and soccer games, time has flown by faster than I care to admit.

I am right now getting ready, (who am I kidding?), I'm procrastinating, I should be packing stuff up for the MQHA Summer Sizzler Show, which starts tomorrow, but, I've decided that right now, this is more important.

Just before supper...
me :  "where have you been Anna?"
Anna "At gamy and gampies"
me : "your hair is quite curley"
Anna "yup, teen, it's fwom the wain"
me : "oh, did you get wet coming home?"
Anna "Wes, wes I did teen, see..." she shows me her wet pants, and notices the bottle of pink nail polish on the table
"TEEEENNNN, I'm sooooo e-cited, you found the pink nail powish, Vat's my favorite, can you paint my toesnails, paweese?"

In stitches, this kid keeps me laughing, she keeps me honest!  My niece, try to get anything past her, and she'll give you a run for your money. Two, going on 18, she is a diva, she has a nose like a blood hound, especially when it comes to sniffing out chocolate.  She often stops in to check on me when I'm working, she loves to catch me editing a set of pictures from a horse shoot.  "Who's that ones horse teen?"  "Where does she live?" "Who's it's momma?"  And she is especially excited if she catches me editing pictures with children.  "Who's her name?"  "What's she doing?" "Where is her Momma and her Dada?"  "Wanna go seeum?"

I wish everyone, everywhere, had the chance to meet her, she is cuteness personified.  She has a personality the size of the Moon shoved into that little body, so, of course, it's bursting to get out, in every direction.

I promised to paint her toenails pink, if she would just sit still for a few pictures.

"Want to take a pikcha of the nail polish teen?"

"Ok, hold it way up high"....  "Can you see it now Teen?"

A wee bit dramatic, reaction to the supper her Momma brought her. (In all honesty, it was worth getting excited over, roast beef and all the fixings!)

"Teen, Is this my smile?"
"Nope, here's my smile"

"K, teen, I fink I'm done now"
So, as I promised, her little toes were painted pink when she went off to read her favorite stories for Bed time.  "Goodnight little Anna, wuv you."

These pictures are soft technically, but tack sharp emotionally.  Just having fun with me favorite girl, so please excuse the unprofessional appearance!

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