Sunday, June 12, 2011

In love with the world | Moncton Saint John Equine Photographer

Have you looked outside this week?
Have you seen, I mean, really seen the beauty out there.  It's June, and all the rain that we endured in May, has created an absolute oasis out there.  Queen Annes Lace, Lupins, buttercups, Dandelion Fluff, and green green grasses.  Everything is so beautiful.

Please, if you haven't, visit Westfield.  After 7, on a perfectly lit night.  You'll drive through the town, and see boys with their fathers walking home, fishing rods in hands, and smiles on their faces.  You'll see the sun shining on the water, you'll see boats.  You'll see people walking and talking and loving life, and how could they not, they live in one of the most beautiful places in New Brunswick.  I had an incredible shoot last night, we had a beautiful location, perfect lighting and fun and beautiful models.  I love that I love my job, and that I can have so much fun doing it.

An engagement shoot with ponies, in a field of lupins?  Yes, please!

Monty, or, Fabio!  He is the Ken, to the Barbie Horse.

Equally as special, Journey, his personality abounds.  Thanks Sue, for sharing your Horses, and family with me, and thank you for introducing me to such a beautiful location!


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