Monday, September 27, 2010

On Assignment with Hawkeye. | Moncton Equine Photographer

hehe! I have been wanting to write that blog title for weeks now!
I did a day trip to Saint John NB about a month ago, and along with two other shoots, got the chance to meet Jessica and her two horses, On Assignment, or Alex, her Quarter Horse Mare, and Hawkeye, or Holly, her big German Import Gelding! And yes, you probably read that again, but I assure you, I did get the genders and names correct!
This trip was the first time I had ever driven by myself to Saint John, not only to but through and past the city, and over the bridge! I was terrified. I don't really know why, but I have always dreaded shoots that might take me to Saint John, just incase it meant I had to go over that bridge. Looking at it today, I don't understand my fear. It was easy, I had my toll change ready (before I left Moncton) and a back up pile just incase I dropped it, or missed the basket!
Anyway, the trip across the bridge was more than worth it, it was a very fun shoot with Jessica and kids!

This is Alex, a sweet little lady, the prettiest little face, I thought for sure she must be an Arabian, but I was wrong.
Look at that beautiful big black expressive eye!
And this is Holly, He is such a pretty boy!
I don't know who is wrapped around who here!

And I couldn't finish this post without including Eddie, Jess's teeny tiny little barn helper. He stays close by, and he relies more on his hearing than sight at his age!!

Hope you enjoy the quick preview Jess, many many more to come!

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