Friday, September 17, 2010

Quinn | Moncton Equine Photographer

Even my hard days are quite incredible!

I say this because last week, while going through one of the hardest personal stretches in my life, I was booked to shoot Quinn. Upon normal circumstances, I probably would have rebooked or rescheduled, but, I had worked with Quinns' mom before, (you'll see the pictures if you look back through my blog a couple of years) and was confident that she'd understand if I needed a time out or to look the other way if my eyes were filled with tears.
If you've followed my blog, you've already met a lot of Quinns family. He is a two year old who was bred at Fresh Paint Farm in Petticodiac.
Here is just a quick preview of the shots, hopefully I've gotten them up before Cindy has gone home for the weekend!
Enjoy your preview!
I totally laughed when I saw this first photo as I was editing... she's totally reaching in her pocket for treats for Quinn!!


  1. Wow, these are really nice!!! Great job as usual.

    Kim Dilney

  2. Love them Chris, gorgeous shots !!!!

  3. Beautiful as always Christine!


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