Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Two Wedding Weekend | Moncton Wedding Photographer

Trying to come up with a word or phrase that would describe the month of September for me, I could call it "the month that I didn't get to sleep in" or just plain ole busy!! But, in the wedding department, I could call it "from 0-60".
I booked 3 weddings this year, all in the month of September, 2 of them on the same weekend. That is not typically something that I would do, but, you see, I just couldn't say no to either one of them, and it wasn't because they were bridezillas!!
Mel and Jeremy were married on Friday, I've known Mel easily for 15 years now, horses are what originally brought us together, and we've always remained friends. Sherry and Julien were married Saturday, although I've known Julien for just a few years now, I've known Sherry as far back as I can remember. We are actually 2nd or 3 cousins, (not sure how that goes) we grew up spending a lot of time together, at our favorite address in Bass River Point.

So here is a quick sneak peek of a few of my favorites from my "Two Wedding Weekend"
Mel and her pup Riley had to be included in photos!

Mom of the bride was still busy with all the little details!
Mel and her girls getting her into the dress
What a gorgeous smile!
Incredible bouquets, they were so vibrant!

Saturday early afternoon I arrived just before the girls got back from their hair appointments to take pictures of all the little details in the tent!
Bouquets, just like Sherry had described when she started her wedding planning. She wanted them to look like she had gone out and picked a big bouquet of wild flowers. Something that she'd bring home to her Mom and Gramma. The florist hit it dead on!
The dress!
The Shoes
The Hands
I do's!

Would you look at the way she looks at him!

This was during the toast to the bride and groom, which my dad delivered. A lot of wonderful memories looking back over the years, a lot of laughs too!
The B&G with their little darling ring boys, and the flower girl!


Thanks girls for having me be such a big part of both of your days, it was an incredible weekend!!!

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