Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crystal and Shawn | Moncton Wedding Photographer

So, all of last week I had such anxiety. I had a wedding to shoot and the weather was looking like it wanted to fight. I always tell my brides, the weather is going to do what it wants to do, and no amount of worry is going to fix it, so worry about things you can fix. Secretly, I say this, because I pray enough for the whole wedding party, their families and well, the entire province, really. Snow, wind, cold, we can deal with, easily, rain, not so much. Mostly because I dislike rain a great deal. I love the sound of raindrops hitting the roof at the camp, and I love to watch them fall in the river, and I love the smell after a summer rain, where sweet summer grass meets the black top. But I really don't like standing in the rain as the drops hit my lashes and make me squint. I don't like spending the rest of the day in damp clothing and my hair, well, it doesn't like rain either.

Imagine my horror when I wake up to the sound of rain beating against my bedroom window. I thought, surely to god, no, that has to be the wind, it wasn't. I kept telling myself, it's going to be ok, the wind will blow these rain clouds right outta here. I went to pick up a coffee and on the way home I thought my miracle wish had come true. The blue sky came out and the sun was shining, while I was packing my gear, I realized it wasn't going to be long lived. So, I got my rain coat, and left early so I'd have time to shop for an umbrella. As I drove from Moncton, through Riverview, to Hillsborough to Hopewell Cape, the need for windshield wipers was intermittent.
The bride arrived and the sun was shining and kept returning throughout our day. Thankfully, I didn't have to use the umbrella that I had picked up. I think it was my good luck charm.

The wedding was at the Albert County Museum. A place that I have driven by countless times before, but never, ever stopped. I didn't realize what a gem I had passed by so many times. First of all, if you ever have the opportunity to stop in, Do it. Brides, if you are looking for somewhere to host your wedding, check them out. The can seat up to 150 ppl in the beautiful courthouse, and have a reception hall right there... Did I mention... it's beautiful!

ok, ok, pictures. So the day went like this. rain, clear, rain, clear. In those clear time slots we jetted outside to take pictures, and here is some of them. And by some, I mean, probably way too many, but I really had to work hard at cutting the number back. Thank you to Crystal and Shawn for sharing your day with me. It was a beautiful one.

A quiet moment with mom before she walked down the isle to marry dad.
Drop Dead Gorgeous.

Look at the way she looks at him. Love it.

Go on, Kiss her!
Beautiful detail on a door inside the Courthouse where they were married.

The Courthouse from the outside
Inside the Gaol
Some fine details

and really, I could keep going and going. This was such a beautiful day!!
Thanks for looking!


  1. Amazing location and beautiful pictures!

  2. Christine,
    You are amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing our day with us and capturing such beautiful memories! We'll be in awww of the wonderful pics that you've taken for years to come!
    Lots of Love,
    Crystal & Shawn :0)

  3. Christine,
    You are an amazing photographer, I'm so glad that you captured all those beautiful moments of Crystal and Shawn. They deserve all of it.

    Sandra King (Maid of Honor)

  4. Thank you all for your very kind comments. It's always a treat to find them here! :D So glad you are enjoying them! Many Many more to come!

  5. AMAZING!!!! there is little else to say!!


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