Thursday, September 01, 2011

Out on a limb

I remembered receiving my 2010 Congress edition of the Equine Chronicle in the mail last year... if you haven't had the pleasure, think Sears wish book, and almost double it again.  It's big, and glossy, and beautiful, and with six hundred and seventy some pages, it's a heavy duty read.  Of course, though, I shamelessly, thumbed through the pages until landing upon the ad I had created.  There, amongst all the biggest names in the business, was my work.  It was a thrill, to say the least.  I smiled, right out loud!

This time... I wanted to be different.  So, instead of looking to the magazine for inspiration, I looked at my favorite home magazine.  Clean, and tidy, and when the idea struck, I went with it, I was worried that my clients would think I had lost my mind, but I trusted that they wouldn't go with it unless they believed in it.

So here, is our ad, for the 2011 Congress Edition of the Equine Chronicle, can't wait to have this one in my hands!  Thanks to Taylor, Shauna, Marven, Troy, and Alicia, Tim & Bev.

Congrats Taylor, and best of luck at Congress!

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