Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of those days | Moncton Photographer

Have you ever had one of those days?

I did.  Yesterday, was one of those days.
I didn't stub my toe, I didn't wake up late, I wasn't late for work & I didn't spill my coffee.

It wasn't filled with anything exceptional, either way, it was neither terrible or wonderful, it was the perfect amount of good and bad... everything evened itself out.

It seems like, we often take note of the really great, or the really horrible instances, but never, to my knowledge, acknowledge the times like these.  It's just life, cruising on by.  I love days like that.

I did a shoot in Saint John a few weeks back.  I love to shoot in Saint John, maybe it's a case of "the grass is always greener" but, I have the best time shooting there.  There are great locations that make brilliant backgrounds.  For this shoot, we started at the library and ended at a Castle, yup, a real life, honest to goodness Castle.

This day of shooting, was not, one of those days. It included some major ups and downs, including camera batteries, and a lack thereof, and wonderful customer service from Ivans Camera, in Moncton.
But the day ended, with another great shoot under my belt.  Extreme highs, and lows, check out these photos, mostly definitely some of the highs!

 Oh, did I tell you it was a shoot with Brad Pitt?  No, well, see for yourself!  Actually, no, it's just Brads look alike!  These pictures were really for his Mom, the day after our shoot, Rex headed across the country for a two year mission leave with his church.

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