Friday, August 26, 2011

Jon Married Pam | Moncton Wedding Photographer

And it was spectacular.

Have you ever walked away from someone's wedding, without any doubt, not one doubt in your mind, that they, will, no matter what, end up holding each others hands until the very end.

Their wedding day was perfect.  It was beautifully hot, without being humid, the sun was spectacular.  The setting and details were incredible.  I am, admittedly smitten though, and fall a little bit more in love with "My Couples" when I make the cut into the thank you speech.  I giggle and blush, and inside, I'm dying, because I am touched that they thought of me, not as a salesperson, or a vendor, but as a part of their day, someone who helped make it work, so , Thank you, Pam and Jon, for thanking me!

Jon and Pam danced their first dance, they cut their cake, and then they danced some more.  

As I was leaving the reception, I got in my truck and turned on the radio, and Alan Jackson's song, Living on Love, was just wrapping up.  I've always loved that song, and sometimes, get a little weepy about the message, and can't watch the video with company, so I sang, horribly, and way out loud,  to the last bit of the verse, a kind of toast of sorts, to Pam and Jon, who thankfully wouldn't get to hear my shattered rendition... 
Livin on love, buyin on timeWithout somebody nothing aint worth a dimeJust like an old fashioned story book rhymeLivin on loveIt sounds simple thats what you're thinkin'But love can walk through fire without blinkin'It doesnt take much when you get enoughLivin' on loveNo it doesnt take much when you get enoughLivin' on love

Their gifts to their guests were trees!

 Loved this moment...
Pam's dad was pointing to her Mom, who was getting emotional, it broke the tension, and everyone laughed, I'm so glad I caught this mili second!  He seemed so close to becoming emotional himself, that, I think he was worried about his wife starting, and him not being able to stop himself as well.

When asked if they knew of any reason why the two of them should not be married, Pam answered, "we're good!"  lol!

Pams parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary on the same day!

 Thanks for looking!

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  1. ahhhhhhh christine!!!!!!! absolutely GORGEOUS!!! LOVED the story of their day. from beginning to end. fabulous job. xo.


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