Friday, April 22, 2011

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Soooo, I'm back. I think I've said this before. A few times. But, here, I am. I tried blogging on my home site, and just couldn't get it to look/feel the way that felt comfortable to me. It took a lot of time to create a blog post, and if I know me, and there is any excuse to not do something, I'll use it.

So here, here on this blog, things are easier, simplified. You can search through key words, you can share/link (please) to facebook. You can scroll through the images at your own leisure. Here's hoping that I can convince myself that it IS easy, and continue sharing here.

I'm off to a good start anyway. Here is a set of images that I am currently editing. Chance was a little over a week old in this pictures. Which incidentally, is really the best timing if you are considering having pictures taken of your newborn... they are still tiny and sleep lots!

Since we are talking about babies, Due to high demand, I'm currently building a package for expecting families, a way to follow you through pregnancy until their first birthday, details will follow soon!

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