Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Ridge. | Moncton Equine Photographer

I love sleeping in. I love my bed... especially in the morning. However, a guaranteed way to get me out of bed, with a bit of a spring in my step, is to promise me a perfect day with beautiful people and horses to photograph.
It's funny, a road that I have driven by countless times in my life, always intrigued me, but driving by meant we were either on the way to the camp, or coming home, so I had never explored it.
So last Thursday, I got up extra early to drive down this road to meet beautiful people and their horses.
And not just any horses. A beautiful filly, whose sire is the great Gatsby, of Foxdale Farm and two beautiful rescued Thoroughbreds, right out of New York. We joked it was a "Sex in the City" Shoot, but couldn't decide who could be Carrie and who could be Samantha!! Needless to say, we had lots of laughs, and I got to take pictures of beautiful people and beautiful horses.

Without further delay, here is the first beauty. Gradie.

And the Gang. These folks were quite leary of me, well, mostly my camera, so I got lots of great action shots when they were let out to pasture.
And what a pasture it is!

These are the two gals from New York. They travelled to their new homes together, and now just live a minute walk from each other. We'll pretend that they remained civil to each other!
Such a beautiful barn, was a lot of fun to play with the lighting in there.

What did I tell you about beautiful people, and beautiful horses...

Such a sweetheart, she sure loves her mom.

And her mom loves her right back.

What more can be said, beautiful people, beautiful horses.


  1. love those horses

  2. Yay Christine. You just made our morning! They are absolutely beautiful. You have such a gift and I am thrilled that we've made this connection. We welcome you back very soon.

  3. These pics are GOREGOUS!!!! Love the ones of Gradie especially - of course, I am biased! :) All I can say is how much I wish you lived down here by us!!! I would love to have Gatsby pictured with the kind of spirit and beauty you bring to your work!


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