Saturday, December 03, 2011

At home.

After about a month of tweaking and sorting and editing, I am feeling more at home in my new space.  It's cosy, and comfortable, and I'm making it mine.  I lived in this space a few years ago, for about 8 years, it's where Ben grew up, and where I first started my business.  It has a lot of great memories attached to it, so I'm happy to be back in this space, and have had fun making in mine again.

There is something about this kitchen, maybe it's because every room in the apartment is connected to the kitchen, maybe it's because of it's history, but I love this kitchen.  I love to cook in it, I even don't mind washing the dishes in it.  It's not fancy, or huge, but it's comfortable.

I had to make something for a pot luck last for Friday night, and have had this pizza balls on my mind since I found them on pinterest a few months ago, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to try them out, so I picked up the ingredients and put them together, and thought I'd share the adventure with ya'll out there reading my blog.

Here's my modern day cookbook, recipe on the ipad!
My mom is the genius in this idea, putting the ipad in an easel makes it easy to watch netflix, and follow a recipe!

Here is the nucleus of the kitchen, forgive me, i had just gotten back from grocery shopping, so excuse the mess!
Ingredients, oh and don't go scouring all over the internets for those beautiful spice jars... those are my own creation... a few bottles a la dollar store, and a score on really adorable labels, and voila!
Mixed up the dough, just letting it rest....
So I chopped the cheese and sliced the pepperoni...
Love a good knife shot!
Still waiting for it to rest, so I put up my first Christmas Decoration!
And snacked on grapes...
So I wrapped the dough around a piece of pepperoni and a cube of cheese, I brushed the balls with olive oil and herbs and parmesan cheese!
And into the oven they go... and out came deliciousness...

These would be awesome for a quiet Sunday afternoon, a great snack while movie watching, or anytime of the day you are wanting an easy pizza fix!  I think they do need a dip and I'm open to suggestions!
Thanks to Nikki, for the inspiration from her blog, Pennies on a platter Check out her site!!

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  1. c, you are adorable!! love this post! :D ...and that knife shot. scary. ;)


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