Monday, November 21, 2011

A good fit.

I'm not what you would call typical.  Never have, never will be.  I'm not the type of person to do something, just because everyone else tried it.

Growing up, I'm sure I confused my parents when I refused to drink pop (still don't care for it), and had to be bribed to eat a burger.  I've never watched ET, or the Titanic, and haven't seen a single episode of Lost.  And unlike 99% of the population of Moncton, I don't like Tim Horton's coffee.

In high school, I tried to like to smoke, I really did, because, of course, most of my friends did.  I didn't, thankfully, and never made it through the first (and last) pack I bought.  Like others, I want desperately to fit in, but am not willing to compromise my sense, if the following along isn't for me.

I think, (hope) I've been successful in incorporating this into my photography as well.  I feel like this has helped me find my style, and what has kept me moving forward when I've reached points where I knew what I was doing, wasn't going to be part of my future.

Over the past year, I feel like I have found myself, photographically speaking. I have embraced a lifestyle theme, making your pictures about you, as individuals.

This particular shoot was very special to me, Troy, my cousin, and his wife, with their daughter, and now a new baby on the way, are very special to me.  They've stood in front of my camera many times before, and I always walk away with killer images, I shot part of their session in "my studio", these are just a few of my favorites... yeah, this lifestyle thing is totally working for me!

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