Friday, December 06, 2013

A Hike

Sometimes, I like to do things for fun.  Its easy to get wrapped up in work and responsibilities and not take the time for fun.
I'm sure there is an inspirational quote in there somewhere, but, lets just look at pictures instead.

After these adventures I look back at my pictures and see that I take tons of photos of the getting there, the doing the work, the preparing, but almost never of the moment of full satisfaction, you know, where you are at the end of the trail, have a warm fire, a cup of something hot in your hands, and a face sore from laughter.  I guess I'm learning to take that time to savor it, to not interrupt it with fiddling with my camera. 

Check out some photos from a recent hike to Hayward Pinnacle.  It's a part of the Dobson Trail, it's a mighty hike, challenging, ball busting at some points.  But, we made it.... eventually.

This was fascinating.  It was a chilly morning, this was the frost coming out of the ground.  So pretty and delicate.  It was a first for me.

 This is relief.  A section of flat trail on the way up.  It was a nice break from the climb.

The last little push before the top.  This is the pinnacle!

 This, I imagine is where the some sort of mythical creature lives.  A rock completely covered in ferns. 
 This is what I call satisfaction.  This little saw cuts so well, and it's fun to use.  Made that pile in a very short time. 

 We cooked eggs on the kelly kettle

 The only picture I took of the view.

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