Tuesday, May 08, 2012

How Old Are You?

We sat on a bench looking at the river, and he asked me how old I was.  It was a dreary Fall or Spring day, I can't remember which, but I remember wearing rubber boots and a heavy jacket.  "I'm 7, how old are you?" "Well" he replied, "I'm 6, but someday, I'll be older than you." 

I've known my Cousin Scott all my life, and we have shared many stages of our lives together, but, I've never seen him happier in life than he has been in the past year.  No coincidence, the biggest smile emerged the night he walked out of labor and delivery with Chance in his arms for the very first time.

Here is Aimee and Scott and Chance, just a day after his 1st Birthday back in March.

This one, it might qualify as one of my most favorite photos ever.  It's more than just a picture, it's the emotion, the love, the joy.  This boy is blessed with two wonderful parents who share so much joy in his life.  Anyone who has spent time with them knows what I mean.  So much love.

So Scott, you still haven't surpassed me in age, but I'm thinking that's not as much as a priority these days! :)

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